Wife, Entrepreneur, Florist, Photographer, Dog Mom & Tea Lover

My Titles are Many...

Hello. I'm Katherine.


I am the owner and floral stylist behind Katherine's Fleur Bar.  I believe florals should transform a room while creating as inviting atmosphere!

Meet Katherine

Flowers are elegant and they should be presented in an elegant way as well! It is my mission to show the world the beauty of presentation. 

Meet Morgan | Assistant 

Morgan & I were best friends in High School & were Roommate's in college! We have been inseparable since then & what better way to spend time together than in a room of floral!

Favorite FlowR
Peony, because my mom has been growing them since I was born and I always loved going out to our flower beds to tend and pick them with her. Additionally it is the Indiana state flower which is another symbol of home for me.      

A bit about me,  I love to bake, knit and watch wedding shows with my family (we always look at the flowers first lol).
Bio: I was born and raised in Indy and started learning about flowers from my mother at a very young age and learned how to do flower arrangements in preschool. I attended college at Taylor University where my love of nature grew. I live with my two favorite boys, my husband and our beagle Morty.